Caravan Insurance

If you are one of the more than 500,000 people in the UK who own a caravan, you probably regard it as your most valuable asset, along with your car and house. Although for caravans, insurance is optional it's well worth taking it out for the peace of mind it offers. This type of insurance is different to insurance for your car or courier insurance. Having a look around you can find the right policy to suit your budget and lifestyle. Researching online for the most suitable policy is quick and easy, allowing you to compare policies and rates without making numerous phone calls. Another benefit of insurance is that accessories such as an awning or motor mover can easily be included on your policy, and policies can be adapted to cover different family members, and to cover travelling on the continent.

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Damage To Your Caravan

Although you may be a safe and careful driver, it can be a lot more challenging to drive while towing a caravan, especially in heavy traffic or along unfamiliar or narrow roads. Around 30 percent of all claims are for damage to caravans, whether a static or a touring type. Damage can range from something fairly straightforward, such as a detached wheel, or burst tyre, to the caravan becoming detached from your car, which can cause thousands of pounds of damage to other vehicles as well as your own. Your holiday time is valuable, and your policy can also offer you accommodation or the use of a similar caravan, in the event that yours is too damaged to safely use.

Protection Against Theft

As a caravan owner, you may be surprised to learn that almost 60 percent of thefts from caravans happen in the owner's drive or garden. Most thieves regard caravans as easy targets, and know that they can be easier to break into than a house. The right insurance policy for your caravan can protect you against theft, even if you don't store anything of value in it, as the contents of your caravan are covered. However, many caravan owners who use their caravan regularly often have thousands of pounds worth of belongings and valuables inside, making insurance a necessity. Although only a small percentage of thefts take place in an accredited secure caravan storage site, it still pays to insure your caravan even if it is kept at a secure location.

Accidental Damage

Over 5 percent of all insurance claims for caravans are for damage by flooding, and if your caravan is housed in a low lying location, or very close to the sea, protection against flooding is essential. However, flooding isn't the only potential weather threat, and if you use your caravan during the winter, damage by strong winds or hail is a possibility. If your caravan is at an exposed or coastal site, it is more likely to be damaged by the elements, although of course weather damage can happen just about anywhere. Even the simple act of driving along a narrow country road can cause scratches or dents from overhanging tree branches, and caravan windows are all too easy to smash.